Children Sealed Divorced Parents

When you are going through a matrimonial dispute, the last thing on your mind is going on the internet and searching for ‘Chartered Surveyors Leeds’. After all, going through these disputes with your other half can be one of the children most difficult sealed divorced and parents stressful periods of time you will ever encounter.
Once things have started to settle down and your divorce or separation has been confirmed, then inevitably you will have to start thinking about the three words ‘Chartered Surveyors Leeds’ and how they can help to resolve any dispute that may exist over your property.
It goes without saying that in cases of divorce or separation, business and residential properties owned by one or both of the parties can have significant value. The legislation for divorce, judicial separation and nullity of marriage can be found in the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. What this legislation does is ensure that both parties can make a fair and clean break.
So where would ‘Chartered Surveyors Leeds’ fit into the equation of your divorce or separation. When you get to the court stage of your proceedings and into the division of property then it will be essential to have the valuation done by a professional Chartered Surveyor.
In court, a surveyor will offer impartial, specialist information to the court on the valuation of the property. In 2000, a House of Lords case ruled that the professional valuation of properties by a trusted surveyor is essential in the fair resolution of disputes.
Once you have got over the initial trauma of your separation, you will begin to come the terms with the need for the fair divide of whatever property you both hold stakes in. Regardless of whether your dispute goes children sealed divorced parents to court or not, you will need a fair, professional and impartial valuation of your property. Even if your split wasn’t in acrimonious circumstances, it will still be important to make sure that both parties get a fair deal.

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