Writing A Response To Divorce Summons

It’s two days before England’s Euro Qualifier trip to Switzerland and the Sunday papers are full of news of Wayne Rooney’s daliances off the field. Personal issues which were apparently, casting a shadow over Rooney during the 2010 World Cup.
But Rooney starts against the Swiss. Fabio Capello has faith in the striker to put his issues behind him. However, it may not be as straight forward as that.
A goal-scorer is the one position in the football field, where a clear mind is critical. Strikers who experience any sort of worry or anxiety, will lose their goal-scoring touch. Why?
Because without a clear mind, chances are snatched at. Thought replaces the instinct in key moments. The vital trust which a striker needs to score goals, becomes overlaid with doubts and uncertainty.
Wayne Rooney is troubled right now. His wife is threatening to divorce him. His infidelity is the subject of writing a response to divorce summons a national debate. He has broken the sacred bond of trust between himself and his wife. And everyone knows about it.
He is where Tiger Woods was six months ago. Although Rooney doesn’t have a squeaky clean image to protect, the sense of personal embarrassment is still enormous.
Rooney must get all his feelings off his chest. Unless he does, the burden of shame will haunt him and negate his natural feeling for the game.
Once he does release the burden, the old feelings will come flooding back, andA Wayne RooneyA will feel revitalised. But until then, his search for the golden touch will continue.

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