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For adults, the stress of packing up, changing utility services and addresses, unpacking and getting established in a new home while still trying to maintain children’s regular schedules is particularly challenging. For children and adults, any move requires time to adjust to the new environment. For san antonio divorce most of lawyers us, changes military are not readily embraced.
However, in the majority of cases adults have the advantage of adjusting more quickly because they have been the ones to make the choice to move. Children have had no say in making the decision and may feel that everything is out of their control. As a result, they are likely to feel powerless with these usually unwanted changes in their lives.
Infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers usually adjust quite quickly especially if they have been prepared in advance for the upcoming move. If regular routines such as naps, meals and bedtimes are adhered to and favorite toys and blankets are available, young children will quickly become comfortable with their new surroundings.
School-age children quite often have a more difficult time adjusting to this change in their lives. They may feel alone and angry. They will likely be going to a new school and will have to face making new friends. For some children who are particularly outgoing, they will adjust quickly but for others, it may be some time before new friendships can be made and new groups established. They have left their friends and perhaps even some family members behind particularly if divorce has been the cause for the move. If they are grieving for several reasons, the move will be even more difficult for them to adapt to and accept.
For older children and teenagers in particular, moves can have negative consequences on their learning. Studies indicate that children who have recently moved will often have problems in school. The incidence of bullying is prevalent for new students in a school; they are the odd man out until they have established a new group of friends.
Moving is considered to be one of the most stressful experiences a family can face. Children particularly may experience a loss in their feelings of security and can be confused. Often children, even older ones, won’t understand their feelings of anger and confusion. Moving for some can sometimes be an exciting adventure but for older children, this is not always the case. Moves to distant towns are particularly stressful for school-age children.
In order to make the move as stress-free as possible for children, it will be important for the adults in their lives to be organized san antonio divorce lawyers military and to remain as calm as possible. The smoother a move, the easier it will be for all concerned.

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