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The secret to getting through a marriage crisis may actually shock you. Most people who are facing a potential divorce don’t have a clue how to save their marriages. Just because your spouse says he or she wants out is not the time for you to panic! Your actions over the next few hours, days and weeks will be critical to saving your free ohio divorce marriage. records I’d like to share with you how you can take back control of the situation and begin to change the dynamics in your marriage right now!
The majority of people who are in your situation make some very common mistakes free ohio divorce records that can be very costly to their chance to save the marriage. It is critical that you learn what these common mistakes are and how to avoid them. You will also need to get out of the emotional state that you are probably in right now and put yourself in the most resourceful state possible. This will be critical to take the action steps that will save your marriage!
Unfortunately, most marriage counselors don’t get it. Despite their sincerest efforts to help couples, recent studies have indicated that 80% of the couples who attend marriage counseling reported that it was of little or no help at all. Couples who attend marriage counseling divorce at the same rate as those who don’t attend counseling! There is a more effective approach and it doesn’t involve spending hundreds of hours in a counselor’s office and thousands of dollars, only to get divorced anyway!
Here is what I learned after nearly getting divorced myself. This put me on the path to a better marriage than I had ever dreamed possible and it happened even though my wife had previously told me she wanted a divorce.
Do not play the blame game!
Do not beg and plead with your spouse!
Love your spouse enough to let him or her go!
Be willing to trust in a proven play than really works!
Commit to taking action now!
There are very specific things you can do right now that will begin to change your relationship. free ohio divorce You records must take the lead. You will be the agent of change. It doesn’t matter who did what or said what to whom. This is a dangerous pattern that prevents progress from being made. Your marriage can be saved if you are simply willing to trust in a proven plan and commit yourself 100% to saving your marriage.

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