Poor Mans Divorce

After being married for a few years, the dynamic of your relationship starts shifting. He becomes less attentive, shows more interest in poor other mans divorce things and prefers spending spare time with friends. It is only a matter of time when the issue of divorce will come up. If you love your spouse, do something to keep him and make your husband love you again.
Men place more value on actions rather than on words. If you are a nagger and will continue to do so, you are placing the final nail in your tomb. Be a happy confident partner. Give your husband the support that he needs, especially when he is having problems at work. Give him enough space and do not stifle him with your close attention.
Raise his self-confidence by letting him know how you appreciate everything he does for the family. Make yourself physically attractive and have a mini-make over. When you feel good about yourself and radiate confidence, you will pass this on to your partner.
Prescription to make your marriage work:
* Both spouses must have the firm determination to make their marriage a success;
* They keep open communication and are honest with each other; and
* Agree that no marriage is perfect and that there are some gray areas they need improvement. Start doing it now.
Marriage is not a joke but a yoke that all responsible couples will work hard poor mans divorce to make it last. If you keep this resolution in mind, then you make your husband love you again.

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