Patricia Aburdene Divorce Naisbitt

If you’ve been stuck in a really rough patch of your marriage, you might be asking yourself how to stop my divorce. After analyzing your situation, there are some simple steps you can take to remedy your marriage problems and get back to the loving relationship you once had.
If you were the one that decided to end the marriage, then your situation’s simpler than you think. You need to go to your spouse with a heartfelt apology and explain exactly why you no longer want the divorce. Tell them that you spoke in haste and regret ever even mentioning it. Swallow your pride and tell them that you were wrong.
Most people don’t want to go through with divorce, so simply coming with an apology and explanation can go a patricia aburdene divorce long way naisbitt to save the marriage.
If you’re in a position where you’re wondering how to stop your divorce when you didn’t even want a divorce in the first place, then the situation’s a bit trickier, but don’t fear. When you go to your spouse to try to tell them your point of view, you have to be very careful with the words you choose and the way you say them.
Be as calm and mature as you can be. Do not lose your cool and begin screaming or crying. Refrain from pointing fingers and accusing them for the way patricia aburdene divorce naisbitt your marriage has turned out. Do not do anything that could drive them even further away.
Explain that you want to work out your problems together as a team and acknowledge that you’re willing to put in work to remedy anything that you used to do that contributed to their wanting a divorce. If you show your spouse that your relationship is worth saving, you stand a better chance to convince them to give the marriage another shot.

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