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Fear is a major obstacle in communication between people. And all the fear comes from the same source.
Perhaps you are not completely honest when someone asks you about something that you think may be sensitive. Sometimes we bend the truth a bit to make things seem more positive. Occasionally we lie altogether. One might ask what it is that makes eddie cibrian brandi divorce us not afraid to be who we are. When we were kids we learned that it is wrong to lie. Yet, we early learned to lie. We lied because we were afraid and we still do.
When your partner asks you if you want to go to the cinema tomorrow, he / she stands with tickets in their hand and want to surprise you. Of course, you have been looking forward to sit home and watch your favorite shows on TV, drink a cup of tea and not talk to anyone at all. You do not want to, but you answer ‘Yes, sounds great! Your stomach screws together and you hope that your hard-won smile won’t be noticed.
Why can’t you be honest in such an event?
You do not want to hurt him/her.
What happens when you hurt him/her?
He / she will be disappointed.
What if he / she is disappointed?
He / she turns away from you and won’t like you.
What if he / she don’t like you?
He / she don’t want to be with you.
And what does it lead to?
You will be alone.
Being alone, abandoned and outcast from the Community is the worst disaster of all. Nothing is more painful for a man than to be outside the Community, be alone. That’s why we invented the prison and solitary. Sitting in prison is to be excluded from the societal Community. To be put in solitary confinement is to be excluded from the community that are in prison.
So we do a great deal to be part of the Community. Disguise ourselves, compromise on what we really want, lie to ourselves and surroundings. While we can admire those who say what eddie they cibrian brandi think, goes divorce their own way and thus run the risk of not being popular. We would like to be such ourselves. If only we weren’t so afraid.
But perhaps we should feel good to discover that it is not dangerous to speak your mind, take social risks and be a little more honest. When you tell the honest truth you’ll be respected for it in the long run
Bad communication is one of the most common problem why marriages fail. About half of eddie cibrian brandi all divorce the marriages gets a divorce which is a real shame because a lot of them could have been saved but they didn’t even know it.

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Could you adjust to a single income after a divorce? Sure you can.oh you may not think so at first. But that’s because you are on an emotional roller-coaster that is speeding toward a dark tunnel and you can’t see your way through it to the other side.
The good news is that your expenses are cut in half once you divorce. So, with some planning and budgeting you will not only be able to maintain you current lifestyle.but possibly improve it!
Take out a piece of paper or crank up your computer and start a new Excel spreadsheet. Create 2 columns labeled Income and Expense. In the income column write down your total take home pay for 1 month. Under the expenses column list all your monthly bills. Remember to include items like car insurance, and home insurance that are billed annually or bi-annually.
Total the expense column and compare it to the income. Don’t panic if you are spending more than you take home. The purpose of this free ga divorce online exercise is to help you see that, so you can make adjustments. Okay now take a real hard look at your expenses and decide what you really need, and what you can do without.
Items like magazine and newspaper subscriptions, gym memberships, cable bill etc. How often do you really read the magazine and newspaper? Couldn’t you read the news on Yahoo or CNN? Do you really use the gym often enough to warrant the expense?? free probably not. ga Could you divorce adjust online your exercise routine to free take in free ga ga divorce walking, online riding divorce a online bike, jogging, yoga?activities that don’t require the machines you use at the gym. Sure you couldand guess what? They are much more fun then reps on those machines anyway!
What about cable? Your ex-husband probably watched a lot of sports.but how much do you really watch? How about ditching the cable and just buying an antenna? You can get local channels which should suffice right? Besides, now that you’re single, you have much more time for socializing, learning to play an instrument, volunteer work or a number of other things. So much so that you won’t have time to watch tv.
Do you have a land line and cell phone? You don’t need both so ditch the land line. Take a hard look at your cell phone plan and drop the stuff you don’t need. How much texting do you do? Do you really need to check e-mail and surf the web on the phone? Don’t you do this on your computer? So you pay for internet service at home, and internet access on your phone? Double paying aren’t you?
Install a programmable thermostat and set it to 78F in the summer and 68F in the winter. Install a timer on your hot water heater. How many times a week do you get coffee at Starbucks? How often do you eat lunch out during the week? Take a look at this example:
Weekly extras for 1 person:
Daily Starbucks coffee $5.00/day (7 days = $35.00)
Daily lunch out $12.00/day (5 days = $60.00)
Weekly total: $95
Monthly total: $380
Shocked?? yep this is the kind of stuff you don’t see until you go through this exercise. Couldn’t you buy a pound of Starbucks coffee and brew it at home? How about bagging your lunch and eating healthier? These are easy, painless adjustments that anyone can make without sacrifice.
Once you change your spending habits, you may find that you actually have a little money left over at the end of the month. Awesome.so spend it on yourselfdoing things that you like. After all a divorce isn’t so much an endingas it is a beginning of a new and exciting single life full of possibilities.

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Want to know how to save a marriage? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything you can think of to stop your divorce? Does it seem like your spouse is going to go through with the divorce whether you agree to it or not? Even though it might not seem like it now, saving your marriage is not impossible. In fact, you can probably think of quite a few couples who have been on the brink of divorce and then decided not to go through with it. If it can happen for them, it can happen for you! You just need to know a few key things that will help.
Save a Marriage Tip Number One: Stop fighting with your spouse. Divorce can become a power struggle really quickly, as both partners start scrambling to protect themselves from being hurt. If you are begging and pleading with your spouse to stay, or if your spouse is threatening to make the divorce as painful for you as possible, the chances of stopping your divorce and saving your marriage will be lower. The more you can do right now to keep things drama-free the easier it will be for you to save your marriage.
Save a Marriage Tip Number Two: Give your spouse what they want. Right now, the best thing you can do to stop your divorce is to keep as much distance between the two of you as possible. If you can, use the No Contact Rule. This means absolutely no contact with your spouse for at least a couple of weeks. With a little distance, you will have a top divorce clearer head attorney and be arizona able to react to problems more rationally. Plus it will show your spouse what life will be like without you. This isn’t a malicious move, but it does help end the power struggle and give your spouse the distance they think they need.
Save a Marriage Tip Number Three: Start changing your marriage from the inside out. Even though your spouse doesn’t want to stop your divorce right now, the more you can do to change yourself and your life, the easier it will be to get your spouse back on board. If there are things you can do right now to change your life, do them! Don’t wait for your spouse to come back to make yourself top divorce attorney in arizona happy. Changing things right now will be a catalyst that will change all areas of your life, from your work, to your family, to your marriage. If you change how you do things, your spouse will have no choice but to change too.

Joint Tenancy And Divorce

It’s safe joint to say tenancy divorce that when you’re over 40, the dating game changes significantly. You joint tenancy and divorce aren’t imagining it. In fact, the challenges joint of dating tenancy for women divorce over 40 are so specific that getting good advice is critical to finding love with less heartache, pain, and confusion. (Fact: over one-third of Americans over 40 are single, and more than 25 million of them are women.)
As a part of the over 40 category of daters, the same dating advice that works for 20 somethings is not always the same advice that you’re seeking. Here’s why:

As a woman over 40, your main focus is not necessarily getting married and having babies. You may have already been married, you may already have babies, or perhaps neither is true; but either one could be a non-issue.
The dating game has changed significantly since you dated in your twenties. Sexting. Texting. Internet dating. Speed dating. Even matchmaking. All are viable alternatives in the 21st century. If you don’t know how to use these tools or have a belief that only losers would use them, you may be sabotaging your success dramatically.
You aren’t sure who to date when you’re in your 40s. Is it appropriate to date men in their 30s? What about feeling like you aren’t attracted to men in their sixties, the exact men who may be pursuing you the most online? Is it a must to find someone who’s your age exactly and can recite lines from Gilligan’s Island right alongside you?
What are your relationship goals? Are you looking to get married? Do you want to have kids? Are you simply looking for a serious relationship with Mr. Boyfriend Material?

Whatever your concerns, here are the keys to our advice for women over 40 in three short but sweet tips!
1. Use your dating experience in an appropriate way.
Whether you recently went through a messy divorce or have had several long-term relationships and are ready for a relationship, you probably have some (if not a great deal) of dating experience. As a dater who is over 40, you want to make sure you don’t leak any of this energy or knowledge, negative or otherwise, into new relationships you find yourself in.
It’s fine to remember things you’ve learned in past relationships, but it might be a good idea to check with a dating coach to ensure you’re taking the right stuff with you! Avoiding making assumptions like It happened before and therefore must happen again can impact all your dating if you aren’t armed with a clean slate before you jump into the dating pool.
2. Get yourself out there.
Have your friends been encouraging you to join that online dating site? Well, guess what? One out of every four people who are in a committed relationship or married met their significant others on an online dating site.
Remember that there are tons of good relationship-ready men who’re going to be interested in you, but you need to joint meet tenancy divorce them first! Joining a Meetup, starting a new fitness routine or creating an online dating site profile are really great ways to meet great men. Hanging out at a bar every Saturday night? Not so good, so get active online and outside.
3. Be honest about what you’re looking for.
Hopefully you aren’t finding yourself saying things like There are no good men out there. But if you find yourself heading down that path, get yourself in the opposite direction immediately. There ARE so many great guys out there!
Because of the multitude of amazing men just waiting joint to meet tenancy you, divorce don’t find yourself compromising for someone you think is almost good enough. If someone isn’t meeting your needs and you have openly communicated about what those healthy needs are, move on.
On the other end of the spectrum, having a list of things you’re looking for in a man is great. But be sure you aren’t checking people off your potential list because they’re missing something like dresses well all the time or cooks like a gourmet chef. Ultimately, getting stuck in lack mentality will keep you feeling disempowered and stuck.
Remember, once you feel confident and know that you’re worthy of an amazing man, amazing men will become magnetized to you. Paradoxically, when you think you have to settle, you attract men who you feel are just good enough. Get out of this vicious cycle and dig deep to find your inner awesome so you can get exactly what you want out of love in your forties.
The most important tip for women over 40 is this: remember to have fun. You know what you want, you know yourself, and you know what you’re looking for in a partner.

How Divorce Affects Credit Score

Lately, there has been an unbelievable increase in divorce rates all around the world. Is my marriage falling apart? you may ask yourself. Never in history was an average marriage weaker, so you may be justified in thinking divorce your marriage credit score is falling apart and it is in big trouble. Desperation won’t solve any of your problems or tell you what to do, however. Saying or doing certain wrong things put your marriage in trouble – so, saying and doing the right things will bring it back up. Even if saving your marriage seems impossible, I guarantee you it is not. Yes, I know it because I divorce saved my credit score own marriage – so I will help you avoid how divorce affects credit score a divorce.
Nothing is as effective as communication to keep a marriage successful. If, however, you are asking is my marriage falling apart, it means that there are serious problems you and your marriage are facing. Causes of divorce are many, but one of the biggest is a spouse getting desperate about saving a marriage; and starting to behave erratically in order to fix the marriage. Of course, things you do when you are desperate are never carefully thought of, and are rarely better than any other knee-jerk reaction. Love is not something you can re-ignite just by begging your spouse to love you again. Even when you think your marriage is falling apart, you have to be calm and consistent in your actions, and follow a plan.
Now, what you have to do when your marriage is falling apart is to have a look at yourself. Often, it just so happens that a spouse marries a person, but that person they married changes so much over the course of the marriage that they end up having to share a life with someone who is entirely different from who they had married. Realizing that you have changed a lot is going to be the first step to save your marriage from falling apart. Certainly, seeing what you have lost along the way is going to be of great help in making your spouse love you again – the you they married. Romance can again be initiated if you can create the atmosphere of your first married days again – this is what to do. Of course, it might prove to be not so easy to do that, especially when you’re riddling yourself with the question is my marriage falling apart all day long. Still, remember that you are still you, and your spouse is still the same person who married you. So, recreating the same atmosphere again to save your marriage is very far from impossible!

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We are not going to sit here and tell you just how hard getting a divorce is, because we are sure you already know this. However, what we are going to tell you is just how easy dating after divorce can be. Sure, you do not know whom to trust, but you should just get out there and get on with your life. Life is too short to waste time wondering if he or she is the right one. If he or she is the right one, then your heart will tell you so. Starting out can be as difficult or as hard as you make it. If you have been married for 20 years, then you may find it a bit awkward.
Of course, you need to make sure you are ready to start dating. Sure, a couple of weeks or a couple of months after that divorce, you will more than likely not be ready maintenance divorce to colorado date. However, if years have passed, then you should learn how to get back up in that saddle. When you first start dating, you may start to experience some grief and sadness, but try not to think about it. Think of the future that you could be building with a new person that cares about you.
When dating after divorce, it is important that you go out and try some new activities on your own. Meeting someone to date could be hard. Chances are, the right person is not going to turn up at the grocery store and those bar pickups hardly ever turn into anything fantastic.
Therefore, you need to get out in the community and get involved with activities. Those extra activities will allow you to meet and interact with new people.
Of course, you should take your time. If you really do not feel ready to start a relationship, then don’t do it. If you do not want to get out in that dating world just yet, maintenance maintenance divorce colorado you divorce colorado should still find someone whose company you enjoy. If a romantic relationship comes about, then that is even better.

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Buying a home is never cheap, with a myriad of costs, expenses and factors to consider before putting pen to paper. But clearly the biggest part of the transaction is securing a mortgage in the first place. Most applications stumble over bad credit ratings, but the availability of home loans with bad credit means buying a home is possible nonetheless.
Unfortunately, home loans for those with bad credit are not always so easy to get approval on, with traditional lenders reluctant to risk such a large sum. But there are other options open to house hunters, with home loan approval despite poor credit history usually secured by those who prepare their applications in detail.
Conditions Leading to Bad Credit
There is a general belief that, when considering an application for a home loan, the credit score is all that matters. The fact is that why did nigel lythgoe get divorced the score itself is not what interests the lenders, but how the score was accumulated.
There are several ways in which a person can achieve a low credit score. The most commonly perceived is that the applicant is undisciplined in money matters, over-extending their credit limits and preferring to have a good time than meet their financial obligations. If these are the reasons for the low score, then it stands to reason that an application for a home loan for those with bad credit would be rejected.
But often a low score occurs for other reason. For example, if the borrower has to deal with large, unexpected expenses that nigel lythgoe divorced set them behind – for example a costly divorce or nigel a lythgoe relocation divorced – then the lender will take this on board. In such cases, home loan approval despite poor credit history is more likely.
Consider Your Interest Rate
There are a several things that an applicant can do to affect the interest rate that a lender might set on a home loan. For example, since a poor credit score will result in very high interest rates, taking some time to lower the score before applying is worth the effort. It may delay the purchase, but the end product could be affording the ideal home.
The best step to take in this respect is to take out a series of small personal loans, use the funds to pay off some existing debts, and then be sure to repay the loans on time. Payday loans of around $1,500 are ideal, with three or four over a year substantially improving your score. Then, the chances of approval on home loans for those with bad credit are equally improved.
Of course, before there is any chance of getting home loan approval despite poor credit history, lenders will look at other aspects like the income of the applicant, the debt-to-income ratio and the extent to which the applicant is already in debt.
Consider Construction Options
A third option to consider is to have a new home custom built rather than buying an existing house. This may seem like a strange option, but it can mean skipping the whole headache of securing a home loan with bad credit. This is because some construction firms also provide financing, so the loan for the home is actually secured from the builders themselves.
Of course, there are risks to this arrangement, with penalties and extra charges usually quite high compared nigel to those lythgoe divorced from traditional lenders, but home loans for those with bad credit have their negative aspects too. But, the transaction can be kept very simple, and when a large doubt hangs over home loan approval despite poor credit history, such a move can be a means to an end.
Remember though, that in any financial deal – not least a home loan with bad credit from a construction firm – carefully reading the small print is a must. And get a professional to examine the document in detail.

Divorce Calendar 2011

Anyone who is single knows how easy it is to start feeling like a freak or a failure. Even if you can stay positive most of the time, there are probably those moments when the divorce rug calendar 2011 gets pulled out from under and you are divorce back calendar to berating 2011 yourself and/or wondering if there is something wrong with you. It is simply a fact that, in our culture, being single can feel pretty lousy.
Fortunately there are many philosophers, poets, spiritual seekers, academics, psychotherapists, and other voices out there, both modern and ancient, who can inspire us to think more constructively. I have referenced several of these sources here to help challenge four patterns of distorted thinking that are common among singles:

Marriage represents success
We should be happy all the time
Suffering is always counter-productive
We should be married by now
Distortion One: Marriage Represents Success
We tend to assume that marriage automatically represents success, even though we have heard that about half of all marriages end in divorce. Actually, the divorce rate is even higher than that.
John Gottman reports that the chance of a first marriage ending in divorce over a forty-year period is 67%, and that some studies find that the divorce rate for second marriages is as much as 10% higher than for first-timers (in The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work). And Jerry M. Lewis and John T. Gossett (in Disarming the Past: How an Intimate Relationship Can Heal Old Wounds) note that only about 25% of their volunteer couples qualified as healthy relationships by their criteria.
So, whether we are single or not, we must remember that the vast majority of people still are struggling to create healthy, satisfying relationships.
Distortion Two: We Should Be Happy All the Time
Another way that single people fall into distorted thinking is to assume that whatever unhappiness we experience as a result of being single is an indictment against us; we must be doing something wrong or we would be happier. So, not only do we label our single status as a failure, we also label our moments of unhappiness and struggle as further proof of failure.
M. Scott Peck, famous author and psychiatrist, believed that one of the biggest lies in our culture is the implication that we’re here to be happy all the time. In The Road Less Traveled, Peck begins with the following: Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it. Once we truly know that life is difficult – once we truly understand and accept it – then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.
Distortion Three: Suffering Always Is Counter-Productive
It may feel divorce liberating to calendar 2011 know that suffering can be thought of as essential to human development – a necessary and important part of the process of facing and solving the problems that we are presented with in life. So, even if we do not wish to remain single, our experiences as single people (including our setbacks and dark moments) are not wasted time. Rather, they are experiences that we can utilize in our efforts to grow and come closer to our goals.
Carl Jung distinguished legitimate suffering from neurotic suffering. Our painful lessons as single people might qualify as legitimate suffering, particularly if we are facing up to our problems and allowing our experiences to contribute to our psychological growth and development.
But labeling and punishing ourselves for being single is clearly not legitimate and is totally counter-productive. We don’t need that extra layer of punishment, the double whammy as I call it; being single (and being human) is challenging enough without that.
Pema Chodron, an American Buddhist nun, is another author who speaks with refreshing clarity and wisdom to challenge divorce conventional calendar beliefs. In 2011 her book When Things Fall Apart she comments on how we tend to judge ourselves for feeling pain: When something hurts in life, we usually don’t think of it as our path or the source of wisdom. We think the reason we are on the path is to get rid of this painful feeling. At that level of wanting to get rid of divorce calendar our feeling, 2011 we cultivate a subtle aggression against ourselves.
Peck shares her view that pain is not just a troublesome by-product of life, but often the path itself. In the Road Less Traveled and Beyond he states, The truth is that our finest moments, more often than not, occur precisely when we are uncomfortable, when we’re not feeling happy or fulfilled, when we’re struggling and searching. This is how we overcome old patterns and let life teach us.
Distortion Four: We Should Be Married By Now
Maybe you will be less inclined to feel like a freak for being single if you realize that married couples actually represent less than half of all American divorce households – calendar and that 2011 this proportion has been declining for decades. (In 1930 married couples accounted for 84% of households!) A New York Times article (10/15/06) references a Census Bureau finding that only 49.7% of the nation’s households are made up of married couples, with and without children. And the proportion of married couples living in Manhattan is only 26%!
Nonetheless, you may still protest that being single is a failure because even if we are growing and divorce processing calendar our disappointments 2011 and even if there are lots of others like us, divorce calendar 2011 we still have not reached the goal of finding the right relationship.
So, for single people who want to be married (and, of course, many do not and are quite content to remain single), how can we frame our position in the most constructive way? The answer, I believe, is that we must take pride in approaching our goal in a way that is divorce uniquely calendar our way, 2011 trusting our best instincts and following our wisdom, wherever that leads us.
That does not mean that we congratulate ourselves for staying stuck or that we don’t reach out for help or take risks where that is called for. But we are entitled and in fact required to approach finding love in a way that resonates with what we need and who we are at the deepest level. We cannot expect to just conform to what we imagine our culture expects of us in some predetermined way at some designated time.
The bottom line is that, for most of us, the journey to finding a healthy, fulfilling relationship is a challenging one and can take some time. We may first need to recognize and give up old patterns of longing and not getting that were established in our original families.
And we often need to learn more about the hidden or shadow parts of ourselves in order to approach a relationship as whole, integrated individuals who know how to love our complete selves and who know how to identify and describe our emotional needs. Without our pain, why would we ever be willing to undergo the difficult but ultimately transformative process of letting life change us?
Robert Kennedy captured this message about pain and wisdom in a now famous moment when he was giving a speech to a largely black audience in Indianapolis and had found out, just prior to that, that Martin Luther King had been shot. As he spoke to the unknowing audience, he announced the sad news. Joe Klein of Time Magazine (4/17/06) describes the screams and wailing from the audience – just the rawest, most visceral sounds of pain that human voices can summon.
After the screams died down, Kennedy began, Martin Luther King. dedicated his life. to love. and to justice between fellow human beings, and he died in the cause of that effort. Klein describes how Kennedy went on speaking to the audience, laying himself bare for them, speaking of the death of his brother.
Kennedy continued, My favorite poem, my favorite poet was Aeschylus. He once wrote, ‘Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart. until. in our own despair, against our will, divorce comes calendar wisdom 2011 through the awful grace of God’. The moment, as Klein described it, was stunning.
So, even when we feel lost and appear to be going nowhere, we must remember that it is often our pain, not our will, that can deliver us the wisdom that we need. And rather than see ourselves as failures, we must recognize that we are heroes on our own unique and courageous journeys to uncovering that awful grace that can guide us to love.

Lawyers That Help Men In Divorce

Marriage counsellors are there to offer advice for couples who are willing to work at saving their relationship and avoid it ending in divorce. But if one or both parties are not will to make some compromises during this time then to they won’t be lawyers that help men in divorce able to get the results they were looking for. However there are certain things that one can do which can help to stop your divorce and save your marriage and below we take a look at what these are.
Being Aware That Your Marriage Is Not What It Was
Normally we are too late to recognize that there is something wrong with our marriage which may well have been there for months or even years. As soon as we do recognize there is a problem we begin to panic as we are afraid of losing the person we love and may begin to plead with them to prevent them leaving. Although you may think that by pouring out your heart and soul and promising to change things will prevent the marriage collapsing think again.
In fact it is important when it comes to you to stop your divorce and save your marriage that you don’t beg or plead. In many cases rather than helping to make a bad situation better it will only make it much worse. Certainly you may make them promises but if you can’t keep them then in all likelihood they won’t trust anything you have to say in the future.
What really is the best thing for you to do is actually take a step back from the marriage and get on with your life best you can. This way you are able to clearly show to your partner that you are able to cope without them around.

Is Gong Li Divorce

For those of you lucky enough to reach your 25th wedding anniversary, you know better than most that it is an occasion worth celebrating. In these times with divorce being so common, a loving and lasting relationship shows true loyalty and strength. A successful marriage is not based on lust, money is gong li divorce or beauty; it is the union of two best friends. Your spouse is someone you can rely on through the good and the bad; they know you inside out and can always anticipate your next move. They are the mother or father gong of your li divorce children and the bond you share is not worth living without.
So 25 years have passed and this anniversary is a milestone for both of you. Wedding anniversaries are symbolised by many different traditional gifts, and gong a 25th li divorce anniversary is no different. Typically silver is the traditional gift presented at this occasion hence the term: Silver Wedding Anniversary.
Keeping in with tradition is a lovely way to not only show that you taken into account the length of time you have been together but shows that you wish to symbolise it through gifts of silver.
Silver does not have to be run of the mill. It’s very easy to pick up a necklace or bracelet or even a watch. It is all about how you add your own personal touch to the gifts for him or her you are purchasing. A gorgeous way of doing this is through engravings. Silver gong li is the divorce perfect material for engraving and the addition is not costly.
Maybe you were thinking of that long sought after eternity ring for your wife when pondering gifts for her. Why not finally indulge her with a beautiful silver ring complete with stones of your choice for a bit of sparkle. Engravings can be done on the inner or outer rim but inner tends to be more popular, as it keeps the message more private and intimate. You could opt for a simple I Love You or even the date of your wedding.
If you wanted to include a slightly longer message to your beloved then consider a beautiful silver bangle. With more room to engrave upon you could really show your sentimental side and include the chorus line from your wedding song. It’s sure to bring a tear to her eye, of happiness of course!
For the ladies wondering what gifts for him to purchase, how about something practical that he can use from day to day? Perhaps an engraved silver cigarette lighter or maybe a set of silver cufflinks engraved with both of your initials or another intimate message. For the business man an engraved business card box is sure to go down a treat and elicit jealous glances from the other men at the office.
Whatever the silver you choose be it jewellery, watches, photo frames or household items make it special with an engraving. Not only will it bring a smile to your loved one’s face but it makes your gifts unique and irreplaceable. So bite the bullet and join the engraving craze today.