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How Many Times?
June 1998 to 2003 Just Married. 4 times every week, anytime, anywhere! Fantastic!
2004 13 times. In bed only and missionary style all the way.
2005 8 times.
2006 5 times.
2007 2 times.
2008 to present Completely sexless and touch less! No kiss, no hug, no holding hands! Feelings of rejection, low esteem, anger, frustration, and resentment and desperation are overwhelming! Very depressed! Want out! Thinking of extramarital sex, separation, divorce!
Starting out as a happy couple, passionately in love and having sex every other day anytime, anywhere, you have now become just miserable roommates or even worse, housemates – sleeping in separate bedrooms. After a couple of years, the feeling of euphoria which at the start seemed endless starts to diminish and the relationship takes a downward turn. From passionate steamy sex, then to occasional duty sex (with the just do it and get it over with attitude) and until sex completely vanishes from your marriage. Even hugs, kisses and holding hands disappear! You are now living in a sexless marriage!
Statistics indicate that there are millions of husbands and wives who are living in sexless clerk courts marriages and divorce surprisingly, clerk records miami rather dade than courts going divorce records to a miami marriage counselor, dade more and more are joining online forums confessing their troubled relationships and miserable sex lives and seeking for help, advice, and support. Sexless marriage is increasingly becoming a very hot topic in these online forums. Check out one of these forums and you will discover that you are definitely not alone!
Definition of Sexless Marriage
The experts define sexless marriage as having sex less than 10 times a clerk of courts divorce records miami dade year. I personally do not subscribe to this definition. A couple can have sex 9 times in a year or less and still have a happy marriage. It is a very subjective matter. It depends on the individual couple, what level of intimacy they feel contented with. There is no fix dosage to have a happy sex life. I would rather take the word literally – meaning no sex at all – and alarmingly, there a millions of couples who are living in marriages completely devoid of sex, and even touch!
Root Cause of Your Sexless Marriage
Why did your marriage turn from sex filled to sexless after a couple of years? What is the root cause? To fix your sexless marriage, it is important to find out and understand the root cause. Your or your partner’s lack of sexual desire is just a symptom of much deeper problem built up over time. Your sexless marriage did not happen overnight. Stop blaming each other and jumping into any conclusion. It is not the lack of love or infidelity. Your spouse is not cheating on you. In fact he or she is suffering in silence to save your marriage.
The root cause of your sexless marriage is – the breakdown of your intimate relationship. Yes, your sexless marriage is the result of the loss of intimacy between you and your spouse! Intimacy leads to mutually pleasurable sex and good sex strengthens the emotional connection, bonding and partnership so vital in a happy marriage. Sex does not precede intimacy. Without intimacy there can be no meaningful sex. That is the simple truth!
The loss of intimacy between you and your spouse can be caused by any or all of the following:
– Hectic lifestyle. You and your spouse work yourselves to death and you come home both dead tired leaving no
time at all to enjoy each other’s company. More often than not, you get into each other’s nerve and end up arguing over very trivial matters before hitting the sack.
– Money. Financial problems can be very stressful and cause either you or your partner to lose sight of more
important aspects of your married life.
– Children. Your wife is so focused on being a mother and is most often fatigued and sleep deprived. Sleep becomes
her main concern every night!
– Unresolved misunderstandings. Past faults not forgotten and forgiven.
– Lack of communication. The ability to express and convey your feeling, emotions and thoughts as well as to
absorb your spouse’s feelings, emotions and thoughts. Communication is a two way street. Not only must you be a good talker but more important, you must be a good listener!
Knowing the root cause of your sexless marriage, you must act fast to address it before it leads to more serious scenarios like infidelity, separation or divorce and even domestic violence. It is extremely tough to survive a sexless marriage, of being rejected and ignored sexually.
Practical Steps to Fix Your Sexless Marriage
Here are some practical steps you can take to restore the intimacy you once had with your spouse and revive your super steamy sex life:
1. Take the first step and re-establish a good line of communication with your spouse. The repair work must be a joint effort. Talk and listen! Put yourself in your spouse’s shoes and look at the problem from his or her point of view. Convey this to your spouse with humility and surely he or she will most likely reciprocate.
2. Take time out of your busy schedules and daily routine. Ideally, you should both take a few days off from work and have that much needed vacation. But even just one day would be sufficient. Or even just dining out or going to the movies together would greatly help to restore your lost intimacy. The important thing is frequency, at least once week. Just the two of you, no kids, no friends, no family.
3. Every now and then clerk courts divorce surprise records your spouse miami dade with a tender hug, a quick kiss or any kind of tender loving touch.
4. You may even need to start from square one and again woo your spouse just like the first time you felt attracted to him or her. As they say, love is lovelier the second time around (indeed, it is!). So, try to fall in love all over again.
5. Before going to bed, take a warm bath and take extra measure to look and smell good.
If your take these practical steps, intimacy, romance and passion will slowly come back to your marriage and then, guess what – great sex! Your sexless marriage if fixed! Your marriage saved! Congratulations!

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Since the advent of 401k plans in 1981 making mistakes in 401k plans have become commonplace. Let’s take a look at four common mistakes we can avoid.
#1 Chasing Returns
Chasing returns is as common as trying to keep up with the Jones’. Chasing returns means looking at your year-end jewish statement only woman to divorce husband realize your mutual fund only gained 5% when other funds gained 25%. The logical step would be to move all your money into the mutual funds which gained 25%. Unfortunately going after last year’s hot investment is the wrong choice.
The reason is the mutual fund you were in last year performed poorly due to the economy and the sector such as large companies. For example, large companies may have been on a downturn while small companies were the top investment area for that year. However, the next year the opposite may be true when large companies are on the upswing and small companies lagging.
A good investment strategy would be to have a combination of both small and large company mutual funds. The reason is both will not be up or down the same each year. Since we do not have a crystal ball and know exactly which mutual fund will be high for the year picking both is a good strategy.
#2 Not Naming Beneficiaries
Not naming beneficiaries is common mistake for many single or divorced couples. The reason married couples are not included is due to the fact federal law makes your spouse the default beneficiary automatically. However, when you are single you must name someone or the money will be paid to your estate.
Divorced couples do one of two things with their 401k beneficiaries. One, they remove the ex-spouse off the 401k plan, but fail to name children or a relative as a beneficiary. Two, they forget or believe changing the beneficiary is someone else’s job such as the divorce attorney or the court.
Not naming or changing a beneficiary can create tax con.
The most difficult circumstance would be ALL TAXES would be due on a 401 when a beneficiary is not named. The money is payable to your estate and would lose any tax benefits.
#3 Not Saving Enough
Social Security will not be enough for most people to live off of during their retirement years. We all need to be proactive and start saving more money in our 401k plans. I have seen people saving $50 a month and believe this is adequate to meet their retirement needs. Unfortunately and fortunately many will be living up to 30 years or more during their retirement years.
A recent study stated a couple retiring today at age 62 have a 50% that one spouse will live to have 92 and a 25% chance one will live until age 97. A question you have to ask yourself is whether or not your retirement plan is taking into account 30 years of needed retirement income.
Depending on your age you should look at saving 10% to 20% of your monthly income in retirement accounts. The retirement accounts would include a 401k plan, Roth IRA or Traditional IRA. The government is giving us the tools to save a lot of money for our retirement. Our job is to make use of the plans and save our money.
#4 Leaving Money in Work 401k Plan After we Leave
Over the past five years there have been a lot of people changing jobs due to shutdowns and layoffs at companies. During this time many people have left their 401k money at the company. The reason many left their money in the 401k plan was due to the fact they do not work with a financial advisor or know how to move money into an IRA.
Well I am here to tell you it is jewish woman easy and divorce necessary. Usually husband the company which handles the 401k such as Fidelity or Vanguard will allow you to rollover your 401k money into your own IRA. Moving the money directly into an IRA will not cause a taxable event. However, if you request the 401k provider to send you a check directly to you they are required by law to withhold 20% for taxes.
The necessary part comes because once you leave the company you may not receive information on any changes in the 401k plan. The second reason is if you move your company may not be able to keep track of your new address and you no longer receive statements.
A third reason is if your previous employer goes out of business you may lose can a jewish woman divorce her husband access to your account for several years. Now the money will still be yours, but if need to change investments or take money out this will not be possible. The 401k plan is usually frozen for two years or more until a custodian is appointed to jewish woman distribute the divorce money from husband the 401k plan.
There you have four common mistakes which can be easily avoided. Remember 401k plan management is still your responsibility even though your company sponsors the plan. Take time to learn from these mistakes so you can reach your retirement goals and dreams.

Travis County Clerk Divorce Decree

People today are quick to get lawyers and take legal action over matters that many people would consider trivial. Whether you agree with the circumstance or not, lawyer services are absolutely imperative simply to protect yourself and your travis county property clerk from the divorce great decree number of people who would not hesitate to take one for as much as they can, because they can. Fortunately, no matter what you may need a lawyer for, the internet holds plenty, based locally, that will be able to handle your trouble, or simply give advice when needed for whatever circumstance may arise.
Divorce and family litigation is a difficult subject to bear, but at the same time, one that must be dealt with using the utmost care and attention. Otherwise the outcome will fall drastically in favor of the opposing party because you can bet they got the best lawyer possible. Absolute divorce for example, is a complicated issue that people often prefer to have their own counsel for, separate from their spouse. Divorce is simply the abolition of the marriage legally, not to be confused with custody of property or children issues, they will be handled later. A lawyer is used to make sure the documents are moved through, and legally notarized.
In the case of child custody issues, lawyers take on an entirely different, more significant role. In child custody cases, the situation can degenerate quickly into an argument between the guardians, and for this reason lawyers and a judge are involved in the decision. There is no way to determine the outcome of a custody battle, and for that reason relies hugely on the lawyers. It is their job to gather as much evidence as possible that YOU are the better guardian based on all factors provided. Factors include school, medical, and other records, and a close examination of personal life and relationships with other children and adults. It can be spun easily by a good lawyer to make a person look unfit, and your lawyer is there to prevent such from happening.
Product & Pharmaceutical litigation is another ball game entirely, but similarly requires legal counsel. It is perhaps travis county clerk divorce decree even more necessary in these circumstances because one can count on corporation having their fair share of counsel on how to NOT lose any money. These are often the most complicated of all court cases, and require special attention for that reason. A lawyer who knows the ropes is the only possible way to find an outcome that will not leave you with nothing.