Behavior Problems Children Going Through Divorce

Is your marriage in trouble? Are you on the brink of divorce? A divorce you know will devastate you, followed by a lifetime of regrets and what-if’s? If you want to know how to save a marriage – yours – then you’re in the right place, and not a moment too soon.
The first thing you can do is to push the divorce option right down to the bottom of the list. Granted, your relationship needs help. That’s why my first recommendation to you is professional counselling. Find a qualified, experienced, unbiased mediator who will help you expand your perspectives and deal with the larger issues.
Once you are committed to your goal of saving your marriage, you’ll be surprised how issues that seemed so complicated before begin to untangle and present you with opportunities that never occurred to you.
If you’re ready for some hard work, here are 4 things you can do to successfully tilt the odds of saving your marriage in your favor.
#1. Recognize that your aim is to have a wonderful marriage, not a perfect marriage.
Then answer this – what would make a marriage wonderful for you? When you bring any two people together, it’s fascinating how genetics, chemistry, the laws of nature and free will combine to make this combustible mixture we call marriage. When was behavior problems the children going last divorce time you felt some wonder for this amazing thing you and your partner have created together? Yes, even those things that are bothersome and hurtful? How many of the things you consider ‘problems’ are really ‘inconveniences’? One thing you can do right now is to make a list of all the things that are still good in your marriage. Then make another list of all the problems, and next to each problem write down exactly what attitudes and behaviour you have adopted to solve it. Ultimately, you might decide it’s your own desire for perfection – manifesting itself through a negative attitude – that’s escalating the issue.
#2. If you and your partner can communicate effectively, you’re halfway there.
When one of you talks, the other actively listens. You acknowledge each others concerns without being judgmental and presumptuous. Your words and gestures are direct, open and welcoming of clarifications. Most of all, behavior you problems are children honest and going don’t divorce fall into a pattern of excuses.
#3. Your communication is richly rewarding when you are open to compromise.
Establish a middle ground where you behavior problems children going through divorce and your partner can meet and resolve conflict. Give the same validation to your partner’s needs and feelings as you give to your own, and accept that there will be times when you give in, and others when they do. It’s all part of reaching out to the other on this common ground.
#4. We may be living in an era of fast food, fast cars and unlimited choices. Some things though, never change.
When your car breaks down, do you abandon it on the side of the road? When burglars trash your home, do you go ahead and buy another house? I’m not suggesting your marriage is comparable to a car or a house – I’m saying that you shouldn’t do to it what you wouldn’t even do to your car. Saving a marriage requires greater commitment than almost anything else you can think of.
That said, sometimes a marriage truly has issues even a marriage counselor cannot help you solve. If you have crossed out every other option on the list, then divorce is the only one that makes sense.
It’s not that difficult to discover how to save a marriage. The real issue is, are you willing to try?

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