Saskatchewan Farm Divorce Act

saskatchewan farm Ascendant (lagna) divorce and lord thereof, along with the Sun, are important indicators that lend power to the native. If there is an exalted planet in the ascendant or the lord of the ascendant itself is exalted, or the Sun is exalted, or the exalted Sun is aspecting the ascendant lord, then ascendant becomes powerful.
Similarly if the ascendant lord or the ascendant is hemmed in between two natural benefics, or the seventh house is hemmed in between two natural benefics, the ascendant becomes strengthened. If the lord of the sign where lagna lord is posited is acquires dignity by way of being in exaltation or placement in angles or both, this also beneficial to the ascendant. An exalted planet aspecting lagna also strengthens it.
Presence of the Sun in the tenth is likewise beneficial to the native.
It should be noted that if the lagna lord is in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses, the native either does not rise high in the life or a great deal of effort will bring modest rise.
Lagna lord’s placement in these three (trik) lean houses will enhance the indication of these houses but will pollute the ascendant lord itself. The reason is that lagna is both an angular and trinal saskatchewan farm divorce act house; hence, it is totally benefic to the native. It is only in the case of Libra ascendant that the presence of Venus in the first house-which is otherwise excellent-curtails the longevity of the native, because for a Libra native Venus, besides being the lord of the first house is also the lord of the eighth (Taurus) house, which is the most inauspicious house among the three ‘trik’ houses, because it inflicts death when the appropriate time of the native arrives. The presence of the eighth house lord in the first house or ascendant harms the native’s longevity.
The Sun, besides being the significator of the first house, is also the significator of the ninth house i.e. the house saskatchewan of luck. farm In divorce astrology the presence of a planet in the house whose significator it happens to be, causes damage to the prospects of that house. Hence, the presence of The Sun in the ascendant or the ninth houses is not good. Its presence in the lagna makes the body thin and sickly, the native experiences an early balding of hair, and his eyes become weak quicker than others, and it even causes night blindness.
The presence of the lagna lord with the Sun especially in the tenth or eleventh houses makes the person exceptionally successful in the life.
Presence of the Sun, significator of ascendant, in the seventh house, is good for the ascendant, but bad for the seventh house indication i.e. it causes separation or divorce from the wife.

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