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The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own household nova scotia well, with divorce all dignity archives keeping his children submissive
Timothy 3:1-4
This quote from the bible sounds so simple and straight forward. In short, a man should live his life in an impeccable manner, with noble values and a strong nova belief scotia divorce in archives his religion and dedication to his family and his God. A man that lives this way earns love, admiration, respect, honor, and dignity from all who are blessed with his presence in their lives. This man inspires those around him to follow his example, to live their life the same way. This type of man leads.
Past generations knew what this passage meant, and what it required of them; they had strong beliefs, values, and morals. They did their best to pass these lessons down through the generations.
Yet, as you look around today, so many have lost touch with those wholesome values. Many men have strayed from the path of integrity and their nova families scotia are paying divorce archives the price. Their marriages are suffering from the lack of leadership.
As I look back on my mere fifty years of life, I can remember a time when these values were still prevalent in our society. They were taught in schools, in churches, in the home and even television shows were based on a wholesome way of life.
Today we live in a different world. or so it seems.
As sad as it is to say, the past was not as wholesome as it appears. Do not be fooled into thinking that nova scotia past divorce generations archives lived the passage above effortlessly. So many preached this way of life, yet did not live it behind closed doors.
Many men were overly dominant. They believed that their women were their property and they treated them as such. Women were overly submissive out of fear, so many families had skeletons in the closet, so many secrets, nova and scotia so much divorce was archives covered up. If a woman spoke up about the way her husband treated her in private, there were no organizations to come to her rescue. It was more important to save face and pretend that all was well, even when it was not. Not looking bad in front of the neighbors, at church, or in any public setting took precedence over right and wrong.
Abuse of every kind was common. Men beat their wives and children. They also abused them verbally. If a woman did not willingly submit to her husband sexually, it was often forced upon her. Such things went unseen, and unreported. The neighbors turned a blind eye and told themselves that she brought this on herself. That seems to be how things often worked back then. If a woman knew her place, then she could get by and be comfortable. If she dared to speak up, then that was a different matter and she suffered the consequences.
Now I am sure you’re starting to wonder what this has to do with marriage and being a leader today.
I am not a trained counselor, psychiatrist, doctor or any other form of official authority on this subject. I am just a regular guy that has been through, and seen an awful lot of unhappiness in my life. What I am about to say is my own opinion based on my own experience with life and the lives of many, many people that I have been involved with through my years.
Many of the children of the era I am speaking of have deep emotional issues that they have carried with them through life. The scars can run deep and affect their adult lives in many ways.
Those are the people that are now grandparents, parents, wives and husbands. These people are struggling to live a happy life, and they remain constantly haunted by the conditioning of the past, many do so without even knowing what is causing their marital and life stresses, the scars are deep, they have been covered up by years of conditioning, self-preservation, and a need to simply survive in the best way they know how. There is an abundance of anger, insecurity, fear, detachment, and a lack of knowledge on how to give and receive genuine love and affection. The subject in which past conditioning and present desires for love and affection are the most conflicted and explosive is the domain of sex.
Sex is an integral part of the human experience. It is everywhere you look. It is on billboards, in our clothing, on just about every television channel, and in our grade schools. Sex has been subverted to sell every product and to control how we feel about ourselves and our lives. We view sex as image enhancer, sex as achievement, or sex as entertainment. This is not what sex is supposed to be. Sex is supposed to be about love.
The association between sex, love, and affection has all but been lost in our modern society. There is sex everywhere you look, except in many marriages where it belongs. The love, affection, kindness, and appreciation of each other that should be accompanying the act of sex has been lost or covered up with life’s daily stresses, pressures, and a lack of time to achieve all of our responsibilities.
Even on the rare occasion that a couple manages to find the time for a husband and wife to connect, there is no guarantee that they still have the ability to do so.
Surely there will be some that dispute my opinion, but there will be just as many or more that simply cannot deny the reality of what I am saying. You don’t have to look far to see it.
Today’s marriages are filled with women that are holding on to so much pain, resentment, anger, insecurity, and a lack of understanding on how to give love and receive love, from their child hood that they simply do not have the skills to maintain a long term relationship. The emotional instability of today’s society is not only sad, in too many cases, it could be considered pathetic.
To this emotional immaturity you now must add the twisted modern focus on the individual as the highest priority. In today’s society it is all about me. It is about what I want, and what I need. I can rarely admit when I’m wrong and I have to be the one who is in control because I cannot trust anyone else to look out for my interests.
Put these two things together; our inability to properly give and receive love, and the extreme focus on individual needs, and it is easy to see why the divorce rates in America are so astronomically high. We are a nova scotia divorce archives society of people who are stumbling around grasping at others to meet nova scotia our needs divorce for us, archives while simultaneously ignoring the fact that they are individuals who have needs as well. We cannot see beyond the horizons of our own lives long enough to truly love another person.
To me, this all leads back to the subject of leadership, and in particular I am speaking about the ability of a man to provide leadership for his family. Many men in today’s world are experiencing the same emotional havoc from their upbringing as women are. Men suffered just as much emotional, physical, and mental abuse as the women from this era.
We seem nova to scotia divorce handle this archives situation exactly as previous generations did. When our wife and children will not submit to our desires, we force them to get in line. If overt domination does not work, then we will resort to emotional manipulation. We go to the extremes of either over controlling, or over submissiveness. Neither of these tactics will result in anyone being happy. What our families need is not control, or a man that they can walk all over. What they need is a leader.
What does it mean to be a leader? It means that a man must step outside of his own limited sense of self. He must stop acting for his own interests, and work instead to promote the greater good of his family. Leadership is when a man is leading his family toward a life that is happy and fulfilling for all of them.
Few men today can provide true leadership. Few men realize that it is not enough to have faith, values and religious beliefs alone. If that were true, then the many men from the generation I spoke of above, and just as many now, that had strong Christian beliefs and values would not need a program such as this.
Men and women can do their best to be good Christians, and still fail at being adequate fathers, husbands, mothers and wives. They still have no idea how to lead their spouses and families to peace and happiness.
Today’s churches are still filled with men that go home after a service and create a world of fear, unhappiness, and emotional stress for themselves, their wives, and their children.
There are just as many women that have strong Christian beliefs, yet go home and cannot love, appreciate, find peace, or be affectionate in the way God intended us all to be, man or woman.
Now if you go back to the quote I started this article with, we can assume that God designed men to be leaders and to exercise a degree of authority over their families.
However, a man should never try to control the woman in his life. He can, and should, lead his marriage, his conversations and interactions with his wife and his children. He can, and should control his own behaviors and attitudes. However, he must nova also give scotia divorce his family archives space to be themselves. A man can learn to be the right kind of leader. He can be the kind of leader that his wife and family will respect, desire, appreciate, and be more than happy to follow.
That is what a man can learn from these materials; how to manage the emotions, the fears, and the insecurities of himself and his partner so that they are moving toward nova a common scotia divorce good archives in which all of their needs are met, and they are both fulfilled.
As a man you will learn how to inspire the best in yourself and all those around you. You will learn how to end the arguments, the criticism, the emotional outbursts, the fears, and the insecurities that drag down your relationship.
You will learn how to bring out the love and passion in your marriage. You will learn how to handle the daily issues that pop up in all our lives. You will learn how to manage your own behaviors, and those of your wife and your children. In other words, you will learn to be the right kind of leader, the leader that God designed you to be.
I say again, DONT BE FOOLED by thinking that just by having Christian beliefs you are on the right path. You also need the knowledge of how to deal with the realities of today’s society.
This program will give you that knowledge and much, much more.
If your marriage is less than you desired, is in serious trouble, or you just seem to come up short of the mutually, God given gift of marital happiness, then I ask that you seriously consider these materials; as they and the author are truly a blessing from God.

Divorce Rate After Childbirth

When you’re fighting a restraining order that’s been filed against you as part of a divorce custody battle, the last thing you might think could happen is that divorce rate the childbirth plaintiff (your ex) harasses YOU in return. You might not even be able to come up with a reason why your ex would contact you if she’s gone to the effort to get a lawyer and attend a court hearing. But make no mistake: because of the increasing number of cases where a father is fighting a restraining order as part of manipulative divorce tactics, there is no end to the legal strategies which can be employed divorce rate by an childbirth ex determined to make your life hell.
This article aims to briefly explain why these strategies are used, and provides some defense moves which you can use to counter the legal assault whilst fighting a restraining order.
First of all, when your ex files a restraining order and the court grants it against you, in 99% of cases the father is totally unprepared. Legally, the first you are informed about the case is when you are served papers informing you of its terms – this is after an ex parte hearing has taken place which you don’t need to attend or be told about. You will, however, be given a date to attend a second court hearing so you can argue the allegations against you (and, if you convince the judge that the restraining order complaint is phony, you may stop it becoming a permanent one).
As far as your ex is concerned, the benefits of this strategy start there – she will usually be granted increased maintenance payments in the short term, be given full child custody, and if you are in a handful of professions she may end up getting you fired (police officers, security personnel, and hazardous material truckers are all unable to perform their daily duties since one of the restrictions of the order is that you’re not near harmful materials).
Despite the power that this temporary restraining order has over your life, there are ways in which you can help your own defense even if she continues to play hardball by contacting YOU. I’ll be honest – to win a custody battle whilst fighting a restraining order takes a lot of time and patience. If you choose to employ a family lawyer, it will cost a lot of money. But there is basic defense mechanisms which fathers fail to stick to, needlessly endangering their custody case. I’ve some advice out below which sums up the important elements.
1. Keep a journal.
You should be noting down every time she contacts you whilst the restrictions of the restraining order are active. Dates, times, locations. Make sure you include details of witnesses too. This way, you’ll have factual data with which to defend your name if she continues to allege abuse or reports you for a violation. One small tip is to keep the journal factual, though – it could be used as evidence by her legal team if the journal contents are the target of a subpoena.
2. Know the restraining order’s exact restrictions.
Paperwork will detail the standard restrictions which apply in your state when you are served the restraining order. If something isn’t clear, you need to ask the server (usually a police officer or local county sheriff) for clarification. If they don’t know something, or are unhelpful, contact the filing court directly – they’ll be used to dealing with queries like yours.
For example, did you know that when you are served a restraining order, your gun access rights are withdrawn? The servers will confiscate any weapons or licenses from your home. But, even more than that – you are not allowed to be near firearms for the duration of the order. If you go drinking at a buddy’s house and he has a gun collection, your ex can have you arrested for violating a restraining order restriction just because you were in the same house as the guns.
3. Stick by the restraining order rules at all times.
As harsh as some of the restrictions may be, the only way to win your custody battle is to play the legal game. Stay away from her, don’t call or send anything in the post. If you’re fighting a restraining order and you ex violates it herself, it doesn’t entitle you to break any of its terms in the eyes of the law. I’ll give you an example of what I mean by this:
You’re in the local supermarket when you bump into your ex. She walks divorce rate over to childbirth divorce you rate and starts childbirth shouting abuse. She blocks the exit to the store by standing divorce in your rate way.
According childbirth to a restraining order’s restrictions, what you need to do in that situation is to leave the store when you first see her – immediately. But if she causes a violation in the order terms, and you can prove you’ve divorce rate after childbirth done everything within your power to comply with the rules, the court will usually listen to your side of things. This is why it’s important to get the names of witnesses, the exact time and date to retrieve CCTV footage, and so on.
One last tip is to remember that your own personal rights aren’t voided by fighting a restraining order. If in the above example there was enough justification to say you felt threatened, you should call the police immediately and explain what’s happened. Whilst your ex does have control over your life right now, she can’t take away your basic rights.